Disability Leaders of Tomorrow LEARNING HUB

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D-LoT is a project of EASPD, Belgium association, based in Brussels, which has a mission to help people with special needs.

In its nature, project D-LoT is an educational platform for European leaders with disabilities and its main purpose is to inform and educate organization’s members in whole Europe.


Services provided:

Logo Design
Web Design

The platform consists following modules:

ABOUT THE HUB where detailed information about the organization, platform, members and activities is provided.

E-LEARNING PLATFORM where mentors create a big variety of materials, lections and courses, available for every member after registering. The platform completely follows the highest level of web content accessibility guidelines of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Education using the platform is easy understandable, user-friendly and a real fun for its users.

KNOWLEDGE CENTRE which consists materials, regarding main mission and vision of EASPD, such as inclusive education, employment, early intervention etc.

Essential part of the platform are the forum, chat and blog, which give the opportunity for members to communicate with each other and with their mentors as well.

Website is based on the platform Moodle, with custom design, fully consistent and synchronized with organization and its member’s needs. All modules and functionalities are built strictly according to world educational requirements.


PerspectiveWeb team worked passionately 2 months on this project in close collaboration with a team of specialists from EASPD. We are thankful for the opportunity and support they gave us during the time of this project.

It was a great pleasure and challenge working on this project.

Technologies used: