Julian Kostov - Actor

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Julian Kostov is Bulgarian actor and he has born in Varna, Bulgaria in 1989.


Services provided:

Logo Design
Web Design

Through his roles in various films, the actor presents himself and his talent at a very good level. That’s why we at Perspective web have managed to create his portfolio website following minimalistic design concept that really shows off his talent and the films he has shot. With its simple design and structure the site represents the talented actor and his achievements.

The main idea of the project was to recreate the exiting life of the young actor and his passion and dedication to his career.

In the website you can find everything new and interesting about the actor and his career, autobiography, a lot of photos and so on. 



Website’s construction took one month and the whole OneCreative team really enjoyed working on it. 

We hope Julian's new online presence will bring him a lot of success and popularity online.

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