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BREVIS is a family-run company, founded in 1992. Constant pursuit of innovation and development rapidly transformed the business into a leading agricultural company, widely recognized for its quality products and services. In developing BREVIS website, PerspectiveWeb built a unique product that reflects the ambition and novelty, driving the family company. The site provides information about the company and its history, mission, goals, products and latest developments, paying particular attention to its new ultra-modern factory facility. The design reflects the innovative approach of the company, providing beautiful and functional interface.

Les services fournis

Web Design

To do this, PerspectiveWeb surpassed the boundaries of conventional web design and harnessed its entire arsenal of experts and artists in the development of the product. The site features a video, captured by the drone technology, and a 3D model of the plant, providing a unique experience for the visitors. The visuals are fully compatible and accessible to all digital devices. Content is translated into English and Arabic, in order to reach a wider audience and enhance the company's position in the international market.

The project took three months, employing the following technologies and specialists:photographer and copywriter. The content is translated in English and Arabic in order to reach wider audience and improving company`s positions in international market.

Les technologies utilisées