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Decathlon is a company which has 5 stores and over 200 employees in Bulgaria. With a focus on making sport accessible for as many people as possible, the company offers a wide variety of equipment for all kind of sports. 

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Web Design

Decathlon takes care of their employees and gives them freedom to reduce their schedules. We at Perspective web have developed fully functional platform where all the team leaders  could create their shift slots. After this, each employee can choose which slot they’ll take. The managers have the ability to select if the work shift has a normal working day or day off. After the end of the working day, the system automatically marks the working time of the employees. In the framework of this platform can be created profiles not only for the employees but for the different departments as well. 

In order to make the system usable it is also accessible on mobile devices.

The development of the project took 6 months and was possible due to the hard work and joint efforts of Decathlon store and the team Perspective web.

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