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HYDROMARK is a company with extensive experience and proven quality in the manufacturing and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic elements for the industry. The website we have created is a multifunctional platform, which brings together in one place corporate information and an online store. Visitors can learn about the history and mission of HYDROMARK, their products and services, with the option to make purchases directly from the company website.

Les services fournis

Web Design
Graphic Design

One of the challenges in building the site was the wide range of specialized products. Our team managed to create an easy to use platform, which offers detailed product information and tools for easy search and guidance in the range of products offered.

The website is consistent with the corporate identity of HYDROMARK - fresh and modern, intuitive and easily accessible to all visitors and devices. It implemented content management system (CMS) for store management, which allows editing of articles, and management of orders and deliveries. The project took three months, going through several stages of development.

Les technologies utilisées