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One of the most important things for us to feel happy and enjoy life is to be in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Park & Spa 2 is a gated residential complex, which guards the secure and tidy environment of its inhabitants, their peace and tranquility, and lets them live in harmony with Nature.

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Graphic Design
Web Design

The concept of the complex has been developed completely in accord with the idea of providing more green areas like parks and gardens with a lot of flowers where their inhabitants will enjoy the nature, away from the hustle of today’s modern city life.The residents of Park & Spa 2 have the unique opportunity to comfort you with Spa zone where you can enjoy a lot of relaxed procedures like massages, yoga exercises, facial and body treatments just a few meters away from your home. Our mission was to make the site interactive and easy for use by its users who want to buy their dream home. Quick, easy and comfortable just by clicking on the selected floor of the building, the user will be able to view the floor map as well as any free apartments. The friendly content of the site allows the entire residential complex to be viewed in an easy and accessible way. 



The Perspective web team was pleased to work on the project.

The development of the project took us 1 month. 

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