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The unusual, beautiful and captivating the collections of Rujji tell about the past and present of the capital of Libya- Tripoli. By using different materials such as silk, patterned cotton and silver, Rujji’s charm unfolds and represents a great interest among the fashion industry.   

Les services fournis

Graphic Design
Web Design

It was necessary to create a site that fully corresponds to the individuality of the brand.Our mission was to made the site to look like a magazine, with extracts from the press and showing new collections as a cover for the “magazine”. By correctly arranging the site and the appropriate photos and the information we needed, we have managed to create an attractive site that will be interesting to its users. By using the exact colors that are different from the other brands, the design of the site has managed to acquire a complete and luxurious look.

The Perspective web team was pleased to work on the project.

Full project development took 1 month.

Les technologies utilisées